Emozioneolio was established to show our love for nature and the local countryside. We wished to showcase the fruit of this nature, and create a product that could reflect emotion and sensory experience through flavours and smells that hark back to the past. Extra-virgin olive oil has played a fundamental role in Italian cuisine since ancient times, but just like a work of art, the production process - from planting the tree to pressing the olives - requires great care for the oil to express itself to its best potential.

Our farm produces three single variety extra-virgin olive oils (Raggiola, Leccino and Moraiolo), and three blends that combine a number of olive varieties (Raggiola, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Peranzana, gentile di Chieti, Ascolana) with the composition varying each year to best express their properties in that particular year. These olives come from trees growing on the rolling hills of the Marches in the Pesaro area (Serrungarina, Novilara, Cartoceto).

The olives are harvested from the beginning of October to mid-November on the basis of the composition and degree of maturity. Once picked, they are then brought to the olive press where they are cold-pressed that very day so that the shortest possible time passes between harvesting and pressing. This ensures preservation of the maximum chemical and sensory benefits of the oil.


This results in truly excellent extra-virgin olive oils that will enhance the flavour of every dish they are added to.