Taste our oils in Pesaro

During the days of the Rossini Opera Festival, it is possible to find and taste our Emozioneolio oils in different places and restaurants of Pesaro. It will be possible to taste the delicacy of our territory through the products, combined with the best local gastronomic and musical excellences as Rossini himself taught us.

You can taste Emozioneolio extra-virgin olive oli at:

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Linguine al Limone using Opus Blend

Today we go to the kitchen to use the fantastic oil blend Opus di Emozioneolio to cook a special pasta. To show better the quality of the pasta, we will make a cuttlefish sauce and a zucchini cream. Here is the recipe:

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cold salad emozioneolio

Cold salad, potatoes and Moraiolo

Making salads in the summer is a classic here, but trying to make it using potatoes is not really a common custom … even less if we also add peppers, onions, date tomatoes and tuna! All seasoned with extra virgin olive oil Monovarietale Moraiolo.

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Spelled with turmeric and vegetables

With this time a little crazy and the summer that is hard to start, all we have to do is stay in the kitchen to do tests and experiments waiting for the sun and the July heat. Let’s try some turmeric spelled, it’s a perfect recipe for the “lunch box”.

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